Hello, my name is Eva.

I am a personal chef who finds a sense of place in local foods. I've worked in Seattle, New York City, and onboard chartered sailboats all over the world. I believe in cooking with ingredients that tell a story of their own, and cooking to what we crave. 

A few things to know about me:

My cooking style >>>
I think of cooking as telling a story -- whether it's  a dish inspired by my travels, a memory, or an homage to the farmer who grew the ingredients. My food is made with love from scratch, and always focused around seasonal and local ingredients.

Why I became a personal chef >>>
Family dinner was such a unique and integral part of my cultural upbringing and my connection with food. For me, food is synonymous with family and community. My aim is to foster that communal experience and nourishment for other families.

My favorite thing to cook >>>
Whatever I'm currently craving! What am I craving lately you might ask? My 3-day slow roasted pork shoulder tacos with garlic mojo sauce.

"This woman, the head chef, had the ability to transform a dinner into a kind of love affair. A love affair that made no distinction between bodily appetite and spiritual appetite."
-Babette's Feast (Movie)